This Agreement is a digitally signed service contract signed between SYNEM, which operates at and the conditions listed below (referred to as the User).

Receiver / Username:


Scope of the Service Requested, Duration, Delivery Type:

Tax Included Fee of the Service Requested, if any, Cost of Delivery:

Seller Information
+90 532 297 05 19

Terms & conditions
1. The user has read the “Terms of Use” at and has accepted the confirmation.
2. The user has read “Privacy&Security” at and has received the confirmation from the confirmation.
3. The user has read “Delivery” at and has accepted the confirmation.
4. The user has read “Return & Exchange” and has accepted the confirmation.
5. The user has read the service descriptions stated in this contract and has requested and accepted the related services and conditions.
6. The invoices of commercial firms shall be sent to the address specified in accordance with the information entered in this agreement.
7. According to the type of service selected by the user, the requested service will be provided or supplied by SYNEM via digital transmission over the site.
8. In case of dispute, Istanbul court and enforcement offices are authorized.
9. Sales are final and cannot be canceled.
10. The Convention shall enter into force by digitally stating that this agreement text and its explanations are read and accepted. At the end of the specified period, it ends without further notice.

Payment Type: Credit card
It is signed on the internet by mutual and digital acceptance method.

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