Hello !


     As two sisters Seda and Eda, we created our brand “Synem” which carries our mother’s name, Sinem. Being a part of fashion had always been our dream. However at the start, without knowing that we would create this brand one day, we shared our dreams with one another while making drawings at nights. One fine night, an idea occured to us; getting the courage up, we took the first step to build our brand in 2015. With the contributions of Media and Sociology studies at university, we took care of our brand and brought it up like a baby. From the logo to the shooting, we dealt with every single detail diligently to maintain its reputation.


     The reason we founded this brand is our mother. It was her fondness to design jewels. She inspired us to create a brand by reflecting all her dreams to her designs and gave those unique designs anonymously to some places for years. Eventually, someone had to appreciate and immortalize her effort. We thought that turning her passion into a brand would give her a lifetime present. This is also how we found ourselves in the middle of the fashion. 


     Since the childhood, we have bought jewels, pearls to each other on special days. Jewels, pearls became our essential and endless dream. The pearl, especially, has been an irrevocable jewel for our gifts. We love the pearl and admire its timelessness, elegancy, nobility. Think about it!… A beautiful natural stone which keeps living on a human body and doesn’t lose its value or nobility in time. That’s why we go for the pearl for our designs. Our inspiration in all our jewelry, design is our dreams and everything the world has;  sometimes a season, sometimes a city or even a mythologic story… Each design is hand-crafted by ourselves and each material or gemstone is taken from anywhere in the world and used with its own story and soul.


In this process, we just want to make  #FEELTHEPEARL and #FEELTHESEA


We hope that you’ll like our products shaped by our dreams…

Have a good shopping!