Can the received product be canceled? Is there a right to change? How is the payment refunded?

No return / exchange confirmation is given to each Synem product. We recommend that you check your package when the delivery is complete and keep a record of the damage if the cargo is damaged. In other cases, the cancellation or exchange of the product is not approved. Our products are design, personalized and limited in stock, except for reasons to be accepted, the return or exchange process of the product may disrupt the product quality. All products such as silver, gold, pearl, natural stone, diamond, which we use in our products, are suitable for oxidation and degradation if the user is not consciously used. For conscious use, the product should not be in contact with the products which will disrupt the product structure such as perfume, cream, chemicals, water, pool and sea. These uses shorten the life of jewelry, designs. Handmade and design jewelry is delicate because it is handcrafted. Any pulling, batting, hard handling will damage the product. Therefore, if there is no significant situation to be accepted, Return and Exchange form is not accepted.


For any questions and messages you can contact us by filling out the form. In case of admission (in exceptional circumstances), the address for the submission is given. Save your original invoices. Packaging and invoice should not be damaged. Otherwise it will not be accepted.


Your form will be evaluated and you will be returned. Any form request that does not comply with “Product Maintenance” and “Return & Exchange” information is not accepted.

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