All material information and product care details about our products in this content.


All designs are produced one by one, completely handcrafted, in certain stocks. However, all the products on sale (except vintage brooches) are handmade by masters in Istanbul, the heart of handcraft.

All pearls are freshwater cultured pearls and freshwater pearls which are real pearls grown in either freshwater or saltwater.

All gold plating materials used in the designs are 18K, mostly 22K and 24K plating.

Each pearl and some gemstones have unique and irregular shapes and sizes. This natural variation may vary slightly in each product size and makes each wearer more natural, more unique and more beautiful. Some of our handmade jewelry are one & only.



All products such as solid silver, rhodium plating, solid gold, gold plating, pearl, precious & semi-precious stone/,gemstone, diamond, zirconia crystal which we use in our products, are suitable for oxidation and degradation if the user is not consciously used. For conscious use, the product should not be in contact with the products which will disrupt the product structure such as perfume, cream, chemicals, water, pool and sea. These uses shorten the life of jewelry, designs. Handmade, design jewelry is delicate because it is handcrafted. Any pulling, batting, hard handling will damage the product.

All  Jewelry & Accesories (Eye wear, Vintage Brooches etc.) Avoid contact with all chemical products such as cream, perfume, alcohol, hair spray, cleaning product, bleach etc. Such harmful substances damage materials (solid silver, solid gold, gold plating, silver plating),  stones (pearl and gemstone, precious & semi-precious stone, diamond, zirconia crystal) used in the product and change the appearance of the product and reduce its useful life. Avoid wearing jewelry while swimming / bathing.

Jewelry Bag/KeyChain/Card Holder Wiping with a damp cloth is recommended. Keep away from chemicals.

Scarves Dry cleaning is recommended for scarves.


Our brand does not accept any responsibility if any problem or deformation occurs due to these defects.


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