All of our Synem products are shipped to you from İstanbul via a secure, tracked shipping method. Please note that we do not ship to specific regions/countries.In case your package arrives damaged as a result of shipment, please save the shipping box, products and email us as soon as possible at to notify us of the damage.


How many days will the order be prepared?

Orders are normally delivered to the shipping company within 1-2 business days. Special days, holidays, exceptions or weather conditions may lead to a change in delivery time. In such a case, the customer is informed by e-mail.


Available Countries for Shipping

Countries and regions are organized according to the regions determined by our cargo agreement. If you want to order to a country that is not on our list, you can contact us by sending an e-mail to

  • USA & Canada
  • Europe: England, Slovenia, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Portugal, Norway, Netherlands, Monaco, Luxembourg, Italy, Ireland, Greece, Germany, France, Denmark, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Belgium, Austria, Albania
  • Other Countries: United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Singapore, Qatar, Lebanon, Kuwait, Jordan, Japan, Israel, Hong Kong, Dominican Republic, China, Brazil, Azerbaijan, Australia, Argentina


Order Delivery Times

Delivery times vary according to the regions determined by our contracted cargo company. Average days of delivery to countries except for holidays or exceptions (weather / customs, etc.);

  • United States/United Kingdom/Switzerland/ Sweden/ Norway/ Monaco/ Italy/ France/Denmark /Cyprus/Albania/United Arab Emirates/Lebanon/Kuwait/Hong Kong: 3-4 Working Days
  • Canada/Spain/Portugal/Ireland/Czech Republic/Croatia/Bosnia&Herzegovina/South Africa / Singapore/Jordan/Japan/Israel/Dominican Republic/Brazil/Azerbaijan/Argentina/Australia: 4-5 Working Days
  • Netherlands/Luxembourg/Germany/Belgium/Austria: 2-3 Working Days
  • China: 5-6 Working Days

For more information, contact